Availability: Application Only

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Species: Bio-Android (Contains a combination of various species' DNA)

Lore: An Android that was constructed using living cells, which can take on the abilities of various other beings, even Saiyans and Namekians. They are able to evolve temporarily by absorbing other Androids, however the longer the Bio-Android remains in an evolutionary state, the more use to it their body gets, eventually becoming a permanent transformation.


Semi-Perfect: The Bio-Android can only enter its Semi-Perfect form after absorbing an Android, absorbing enough power to allow them to transform. Their body grows stronger, and more armored, giving it a sleeker look.

Perfect: The Bio-Android can only enter its Perfect form after absorbing two Androids, finally gathering enough energy to transform. This transformation once again increases their strength, and armor.

Super Perfect: This is a temporary transformation that can only come from being defeated twice, the Saiyan cells grow from the defeat, and transform the Bio-Android into their Super Perfect form, becoming the strongest they can possibly get.