Availability: Open (Some Application Transformations)


Species: Changeling (Frieza Gene or Cooler Gene)

Lore: A species known for their power and savagery, originating from Planet Icer. They are able to morph their bodies into other forms depending on their power, they even have the ability to keep up with a Super Saiyan God in their Golden form.


Second Form: The Changeling's body contorts, and grows as their power level increases, sprouting large horns, their body growing significantly in size.

Third Form: They grow even further, gaining more strength at the loss of some speed, now with a hammer-like head with multiple white horns protruding from their head and shoulders.

Fourth Form: A state of transformation that would come after Final Form, this is a skill only used by Cooler, growing in size slightly, and their muscles bulking outwards. Four spikes protrude from their mask-like head.

Final Form: The perfect form of a Changeling, dropping the bulky muscles and excess size, while still maintaining the strength, even surpassing the previous transformation. They have no horns in this state, and are purple and white.

100% Power: The Changeling draws out even more energy, growing in size, and an immense amount of muscles from the Final Form.

Meta: A mass produced cyborg of Cooler, made by the Big Gete Star, being able to keep up with that of a Super Saiyan. They are controlled by the first Meta Cooler at the core of the Big Gete Star. (Application Only)

Mecha: After sustaining enough damage, a Changeling may be forced to have mechanical parts added to their body that can increase their damage, however it hinders their ability to generate Ki.

Golden Form: The Changeling's true final form, giving them the power of gods, easily able to keep up with a Super Saiyan God in combat. Their usually white skin becomes a gleaming golden colour, similar to that of the Saiyan's hair when transforming into a Super Saiyan. (Application Only)