Availability: Application Only

Janemba 2nd Form

Species: Demon

Lore: Demons are a race of creatures that inhabit Hell, they draw their power from hate, and destruction, locked away in Hell until they can manage to free themselves, only with the help of an unsuspecting victim. They are the complete opposite of Kais, wanting to bring Chaos to the universe.


Majin Boost: A portion of a Majin's evil energy is transferred to the being, temporarily enhancing their power level. The only visual change is that of a black "M" on their forehead.

Janemba: With enough spiritual energy gathered, the Demon will undergo a transformation into a fat yellow Demon, although looks are deceiving, this form has an enormous amount of power considering its appearance.

Super Janemba: This form can only be forced by being defeated while in the Janemba form, changing the user's body into a much more lean and muscular purple and red Demon with an immense amount of power.