Availability: Open (Some Application Transformations)

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Species: Half-Saiyan

Lore: The offspring of a Saiyan and another compatible race, often Human. They have a tail similar to Saiyans, and also have the ability to transform under the full moon, or to transform into a Super Saiyan. They follow the same mindsets as the Saiyans, Honour, or Pride.


Great Ape: While under the full moon, with a tail, a Half-Saiyan under goes a transformation, becoming a giant ape with increased power and speed.

Golden Great Ape: This ability is held for those with exceptional strength, however they lack control, only being able to sustain the Super Saiyan form while in Great Ape form, causing its fur to change gold.

Unlock Potential: It is said that certain Namekians are capable of unlocking hidden power within people, this is called unlocking their potential energy, which causes a permanent increase in power level.

Kaioken: A way of temporarily increasing the users power level at the cost of physical exhaustion, cloaking the Half-Saiyan in an aura of red energy.

Super Kaioken: The Half-Saiyan forces their body to its limits, immensely increasing their strength and speed, but drastically draining them of energy.

Super Saiyan: Half-Saiyans are capable of harnessing an ancient power belonging to the Saiyans, typically being unlocked during an intense fight, or after the death of a loved one. Their otherwise black hair spikes up, and becomes a beaming golden colour.

Super Saiyan 2: One step further, continuing to increase their power, and spiking their hair up further, there isn't much of a difference visually from the previous form.

Mystic: The ultimate transformation for some, only becoming available with the help of a Kai, or an Archangel. This is a power that stems from the Human side of a Half-Saiyan, cloaking the Half-Saiyan in a wash of grey light.

Super Saiyan 3: This is the final form for most Saiyans, and some Half-Saiyans, losing their eyebrows, and having their hair grow out, flowing down their backside. Their power is increased immensely by this transformation.

Demi-God: The Half-Saiyan takes on it's new base form, dawning red hair, and the ability to no longer be sensed by their power level, for they have achieved godhood. This can only be unlocked if their Saiyan parent is a Super Saiyan God.