Availability: Open (Some Application Transformations)


Species: Human

Lore: Humans are a race of fairly technologically advanced beings, originating from Planet Earth. While the average Human has no real form of transformation, their are occasional few that have powers similar to that of Saiyans.


Unlock Potential: It is said that certain Namekians are capable of unlocking hidden power within people, this is called unlocking their potential energy, which causes a permanent increase in power level.

Kaioken: A way of temporarily increasing the users power level at the cost of physical exhaustion, cloaking them in an aura of red energy.

Super Kaioken: They force their body to its limits, immensely increasing their strength and speed, but drastically draining them of energy.

Super Saiyan: Humans are capable of harnessing an ancient power of the Saiyans, however unlike Saiyans, they can only get this power if they are of Saiyan descent, and have wished for it from one of the Dragons. Their hair spikes up, and becomes a beaming golden colour, while their power increases drastically. (Application Only)

Mystic: The ultimate transformation for most Humans, only becoming available with the help of a Kai, or an Archangel. This power cloaks them in a wash of grey light. (Application Only)

Majin Fusion: The Human fuses themselves with a Majin, taking over some aspects of the Majin's personality, and absorbing their power level. This is a permanent state, however depending on the strength of the Human, the Majin's personality could be absorbed completely along with their power. This state's power can be compared to that of a Super Saiyan 3. (Application Only)