Availability: Open


Species: Majin (Innocent or Evil)

Lore: A race of balance, the Majin's are constantly fighting amongst themselves to determine the Good and Evil. Majin's have the ability to turn other living things into candy, and eat them, gaining some of their strength, however if someone weaker than the Majin is absorbed, it can weaken them. The strongest form is known as a Pure Majin, which has an oddly child-like appearance, it's unpredictable with no sense of mercy.


Super Majin: When an Evil Majin absorbs an Innocent Majin, the Evil Majin transforms into a Super Majin, and vice versa. Super Majin's are skinny, tall, and muscular, having a massive amount of power.

Ultra Majin: When a Super Majin absorbs a Kai, they become an Ultra Majin, which has a similar appearance as a Super Majin, just much more muscular, having an immeasurable amount of power.

Pure Majin: When a Super Majin, or an Ultra Majin is defeated, they are transformed into a Pure Majin, which has an oddly child-like appearance. Despite it not giving the best transformation multiplier, it is considered the strongest Majin form as it's unpredictable and merciless.