Availability: Open (Some Application Transformations)


Species: Namekian

Lore: A typically peaceful race originating from Planet Namek. They are able to create the dragon balls on whatever planet they are deemed guardian of, however this is not the limit to their power. Namekians are known to occasionally be born with the ability to increase in size, strength, and speed, this is known as a Great Namekian, and then one step further is the Super Namekian.


Unlock Potential: It is said that certain Namekians are capable of unlocking hidden power within people, this is called unlocking their potential energy, which causes a permanent increase in power level.

Kaioken: A way of temporarily increasing the users power level at the cost of physical exhaustion, cloaking the Namekian in an aura of red energy.

Super Kaioken: The Namekian forces their body to its limits, immensely increasing their strength and speed, but drastically draining them of energy.

Great Namekian: Some Namekian's are born with the ability to grow in size, but it also increases their strength and speed to the scale of which their size increased. (Application Only)

Super Namekian: Some extremely adept Namekians are able to reach a higher level of consciousness known as Super Namekian, this increases their power drastically, although it tends to cause corruption in the user. (Application Only)